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Newborn Session Prep Guide

This guide will help prepare you and your baby for your upcoming Newborn Session. Following this guide will help ensure your session runs as smoothly as possible.

  • Parent/sibling/family portraits are done at the start of session. Due to the duration of the session, siblings are to be present for their portion of the session only.

  • Sessions may take 3-4 hours to complete.

  • Props, headband, bonnets, wraps & outfits are supplied. Sentimental items are also welcome as well!

  • Keep baby awake a minimum of 1 hour prior to session (if possible.  The goal is to have a sleepy baby when you arrive so if they've slept the whole way, it takes a long time to get them sleepy again).

  • Give baby large feed before arriving at the studio . If traveling from out of town, you may need to do a top-off baby before we begin the session.
    Also be prepared to feed baby during the session.  I would say bring enough for at least 3-4 feedings just to be safe.  Prepared bottles are great for posing and feeding simultaneously but not at all necessary. The studio is a judge-free and breastfeeding friendly zone.

  • Bring baby to session in a button/zipper-down sleeper and loose diaper.

  • A pacifier is highly encouraged. Usage will be minimal and therefore nipple confusion will not occur.

  • The studio is kept around 75 degrees so dress in layers for your own comfort.

  • Pee (or poo) happen during family photos- bring a change of clothes just in case & remember to bring extra diapers & wipes.

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